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Elements Aficionado Kingsize Rolling Papers
Elements Aficionado Kingsize Rolling Papers
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Elements Aficionado Kingsize Rolling Papers
Item ID:ELM 101
Out of Stock
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Quantity Three Packs [+$15.00]
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Packs per Box 15
Leaves per Pack 33
Size (in mm) 110 x 45
Rolling Machine used Elements 110mm roller

Elements Aficionado Kingsize Rolling Papers
This is an amazing new concept in rolling paper packaging where each package of ELEMENTS AFICONADO contains rolling papers, tips and a pop-out spring-loaded rolling tray. The entire pack closes securely using the Elements magnetic closure system. No more looking for a place to roll your cigarette! We know you will enjoy using this product as much as we have enjoyed making it for you! All you need is fire!

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Customer Reviews Average Rating reviewView All Reviews
Elements aficionado king size rolling papers
Elements are the shit!!!!! First you get everything the Crutches,papers, and a place to roll it. what more can you ask for. There rice papers and tend to burn slower and taste better then just regular papers. You can't go wrong with kingsize you can put a large amount or just what you need there awesome papers. Luh dat shit!!!!! There all around great papers! Get this while you can!!!!!
Reviewed by: Louie Bazan from . on 11/19/2012
Elements Rolling Paper Review
Honestly the element king-size rolling papers are the best paper on the market with their run reducing watermark, smoke and ash free burn, and convenient rolling tray and tips in the aficionado pack
Reviewed by: Devin from California. on 11/18/2012
I highly recomend these papers, easy to roll up and they burn great. Package also comes along with tips and a rolling tray which is a plus
Reviewed by: Jonathon Beyar from Newburgh NY. on 11/17/2012
Awesome paper
This papers might look weird at first but there awesome haha. There clear and have filter you also have a little scoop which is good cause you can put your stuff there and roll it any where. Overall there good papers and if you want to try a new thing then buy this papers cause there good and they burn slow too.
Reviewed by: mario from marysville, wa. on 11/17/2012
Strictly Papers
Clever idea, just bought my first pack not to long ago and honestly ended up liking the concept more than I thought I was going to. It did in fact make my rolling experience more convenient, and what smoker doesn't appreciate more convenience? #RollUporRollout Wouldn't mind getting some of my favorite rolling papers sent to the house!
Reviewed by: Trever Panter from Tallahassee. on 11/14/2012

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