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Element cones

Posted by Zachery Ponton on 9/15/2015 to New To The Warehouse
Element cones

Nobody likes to have wasted product. When the jar of peanut butter is almost empty, do you just throw it out or do you scrape the sides and try to get every last cent worth? Especially in these tough economic times that we are in, we try to make every last penny stretch. The same holds true when it comes to smoking herbs. How many times have you had to reroll the last bit of 5 or 6 different jays, and now your hands and roller are covered in old ash…


Well now there is a solution to the problem. The answer to this is called a cone. One end of the cone is nice and fat, the other end is only as large as the tip used. This way when you get down the end of the cone, you have actually smoked the entire product instead of having left overs. Now your probably thinking, well that is great news and all but cones can be harder to roll then a square stone up a hill.


The smoking engineers over at Elements have solved this dilemma by producing a pre-rolled cone with a tip already included, made from the same high quality rice paper that is found in all Elements products. Unlike paper or hemp, the rice paper used by Elements leaves virtually no ash, and the watermark helps prevent runs and keeps the burn moving consistently until it is complete. The best news of all though, is that when you are done smoking on an Elements pre-rolled cone, there is no product left, just simply a tip and tiny bit of rice paper. So if you are one of those who like to get every last leaf, hair, and crystal to go up in smoke, Elements pre-rolled cones are the choice for you.

Elements pre-rolled cones

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