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Get your Shine on.

Posted by Zachery Ponton on 9/10/2015 to New To The Warehouse
Get your Shine on.

Ever since the kind folks over at Shine sent us a sample package of their 24k gold wrapped papers, we knew we had to get our hands in the cookie jar. Showing up to a party with favors is a great way to get noticed. Showing up to a party with some "loud" wrapped up in a 24k paper, is a great way to let others know that the party has officially started!


Shine has been doing their due diligence in trying to make the best paper possible. They originally started off using a rice paper as the backing for the 24k gold leaf, neatly folded up in a normal rolling paper package. Since then they decided to move over to a hemp paper which helps the 24k gold, that already burns nice and slow, burn even more slowly and consistently. Shine also realized that having a pre-folded paper might not be the best way to go, so they changed their packaging to hold the 24k papers unfolded and ready to roll.


Whether you want to be the life of the party or just simply like having 24k gold in your ashtray, Shine 24k gold rolling papers are the way to roll. We have not been disappointed and we think you won't be either. So grab a pack, sit back, roll your gold, and enjoy a little of the high life. 

Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers

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