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Raw 4 Piece Shredder

Posted by Zachery Ponton on 9/9/2015 to New To The Warehouse
Raw 4 Piece Shredder

Saying that Raw has challenged the market with innovative products and bringing the smoking world above the clouds would be an understatement. Once again Raw has decided to improve on its already existing 2 piece shredder, like an overhaul on steroids, Raw has taken its simple design and created the monstrous Raw 4 piece shredder.


Using the same quality American-made 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy with a strength of 18,000psi, you can be rest assured that this shredder will be around for many, many years.


Starting with the classic, strongly proven notch-tooth design, Raw then added slight enhancements and edge bumps to push material from the edges back into the center shredding area. No more having to re-shred material because only half of it was actually shredded, and this also helps keep the material have more consistency in size.


All of this is built on top of a screen catch with a crystal catch and they were even nice enough to add a scraper. It leaves one to wonder if there is even a way that Raw could improve on this design...only time will tell. Until then, know that this shredder is possibly the last shredder you would ever need.

RAW 4 Piece



Constance Anderson
Date: 11/8/2015
It would be great to be able to trade the old one in for a discount on this one.

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