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Raw Cone Caddy

Posted by Zachery Ponton on 9/14/2015 to New To The Warehouse
Raw Cone Caddy

So you make your way downtown, you are hanging out with your squad, you find that kick ass club or bar that is turned up to 11, now you're on the dance floor showing off your moves...and then it hits you.

You have completely forgotten about the most perfect cone that you rolled up previously to smoke on the run. You reach down into your pocket, heart beating fast hoping against all odds, and pull out this S curved, smashed looking cone that is now infused with your own sweat and has more rips then your ex girlfriends jeans. An to think that this could have all been prevented, because for just a couple of bucks, you could have gotten a Raw Cone Caddy.

Made from a durable metal with a tight closing lid, the Raw Cone Caddy has enough storage space for up to 6 pre-rolled cones, or a few cones with a pack of papers. The Raw Cone Caddy comes in two convenient sizes 1 ¼ and Kingsize. Now you can roll a few up, plop them down in to the Raw Cone Caddy, toss it into your bag or pocket and can rest assured that its still there ready and waiting on you to pull out that impressive perfectly rolled cone or five.

Raw Cone Caddy

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